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Shock Towers rusted-out!!!!! - Car Forums and Automotive Chat Shock Towers rusted-out!!!!! Caravan | Voyager Car Forums ... The upper strut towers are more for the location of the strut and a base for the strut spring to push. Slotting Strut Towers - More Negative Camber - YouTube Instagram: SeanS54 How to slot your strut towers for more negative camber. How/if to slot strut towers | Forum Is it possible to slot the 3 strut tower holes toward the center of the engine bay to gain more camber and then just use the camber bolts to even up any left/right discrepancies? If so how much would we need to slot them to say gain 1 more...

I know everyone does the knuckle bolt thing (and my old time alignment guy slots the knuckle bolt holes on the strut and simply uses the OE bolt - you don't need to have some wimpy cam there - the OE bolt is stronger and clamps everything where you position it in the slot), but there just isn't much transverse load on the strut tops.

Just saw this video on how to get more camber by simply slotting the strut tower mounting holes and sliding the whole coil-over in, but before I... Slotting Strut Towers for more camber - North American Motoring Mar 30, 2019 ... Suspension - Slotting Strut Towers for more camber - I saw a picture that that indicated that MINI elongated the slots in the strut towers on the ... Strut Tower Cutouts for Camber Adjustment - Focus RS Forum

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Now I was skeptical that the strut tower bar would make a difference, but after cruising though the work “test course” the front end really did feel moreI don’t really know how to put this into words, as “planted” is not right, but basically you can feel that the front end is less independent of the rest of the... Strut Tower Brace vs Strut Tower Plates? - North American… It helps to prevent strut tower mushrooming, and helps firm up the chassis up quite a bit. After installing the M7 STB, I noticed that the car maintained a tighter line through corners, and there's less flex when perform high-speed maneuvers. How to install a Steeda Caster Camber Plates on your 1994-2004 If you are raising the strut to the 2 or 3 position you will need to trim the rubber off of the top of the factory dust cover to prevent it from interfering with the underside of the strut tower.

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Strut bar - Wikipedia A strut bar, strut brace, or strut tower brace (STB) is an automotive suspension accessory usually used in conjunction with MacPherson struts on monocoque or unibody ... This is how you "straighten" a strut. : Justrolledintotheshop This is how you "straighten" a strut. ... loosen the strut tower move it down and use a burr bit to make the holes elongated where the strut ... No need for slots, ...